What is Expressboard?

Expressboard is an online showcase platform for makers, artists, designers, photographers and other creative entrepreneurs to showcase, offer and purchase creative work, DIY and handmade goods. Showcase what you create and gather valuable feedback from potential customers; at the same time be able to connect with like-minded individuals an collaborate on something interesting and meaningful around the globe. 


How did the idea come about?

We love to express ourselves (who we are) through things we love (our passions) and share them with others. We also love to work with people who share the same vision - so we figured why not combine the two? As a result, Expressboard was born with the vision of creating a global community where people can showcase things they love and create while being able to connect with others to collaborate on fun and interesting projects.


What can I use Expressboard for?

Use Expressboard to showcase and sell what you love or create

Are you an architect, an artist, a designer, an illustrator, a maker, a photographer or someone who simply wants to share your passion, taste, inspirations, philosophy, insights and behind-the-scene stories? Whether you are creating new styles or leading new trends; reinterpreting and showcasing something in a new way or simply showing what you are interested in, Expressboard can help you achieve the goal.


#Showcase & Be Inspired


With Exppressboard, you can:

  • share your passion, showcase your skills, expertise and taste in art, beauty, design, photography and beyond;
  • connect with current and potential customers worldwide, gather helpful feedback to make improvements to your products or services;
  • collaborate with like-minded individuals or brands on interesting and meaningful projects and showcase them to the targeted audience. 


What do we want to see on Expressboard?

Expressboard gives anyone a revolutionary platform for people to showcase themselves to their targeted audiences and potential partners worldwide. With tools for discovering and sharing (showcases), people determine what the next hot thing is, and artists get to know their audiences in ways never before possible. With Expressboard, artists and their fans now have a stage to voice their love and passion for art, design, fashion, photography and beyond. Expressboard is a digital catalyst that helps discover talented individuals into tastemakers of tomorrow, and at the same time to allow more and more creative and meaningful collaborations to occur. Expressboard empowers these tastemakers to showcase, promote and collaborate more effectively — making a real difference and setting the next trend or style in their respective fields and beyond.

At Expressboard, we are excited to see aspiring artists, designers, makers and other creative entrepreneurs, more interesting collaborations occur across the globe, and possibly spread some good vibe along the way.


How can I get started?


1. Go to https://expressboard.com to create an account;

2. After you log into your account, complete your profile on "Edit Profile" page (Mouse-over to the last icon on the top right hand corner on the title bar, and click on "Edit Profile" option from the drop-down menu), and fill out "About Me" section and your location (where you live or located);

3. Click on the "+ Create" link button and you will be taken to "Create a showcase" page to create a showcase (showcases) for your work (Please remember to fill in where you live or located on the "Location" field);

4. If you are selling or planning to sell an item in your showcase, please click on "Connect to Stripe" link button (on top of the "Create a showcase" page) to create a Stripe account and start offering your creative work and service. If the city/country where you live does not support Stripe, please let us know;

5. You may want to share your showcases/showcase links (on your showcase page) to your family, friends, colleagues, customers and partners; so they know where to look for your work/portfolio!

6. Start showcasing and communicating with your fans and audiences!


If you need support for creating and managing a showcase or account-related questions, please visit our FAQ page or drop us an email at support@expressboard.com, we will respond as soon as we receive your requests or concerns.


More Questions?

If you have more questions about Expressboard, please feel free to drop us an email at contact@expressboard.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.